5 E’s make better meetings

It’s likely that you spend between 10-50% of your working life in meetings. That’s up to 1,000 hours a year. And yet, it’s just as likely that you’d say the meetings you have aren’t as effective [...]

Unlocking Ernie – How to collaborate

There’s one management challenge I keep seeing crop up across multiple clients. It’s that, these days, management isn’t just about having direct reports; it’s about rapidly forming collaborations [...]

24 proven ways to manage change

24 proven ways to manage change Managing change used to be an occasional need, focused on a particular strategy or project. But these days, we know change is the only constant. That means that [...]

Bowing to peer pressure

We are all social animals. So it comes as no surprise that we often succumb to social pressure when making decisions. My favourite psychology experiment about this showed how people will say [...]