3 of my favourite TED-style decision making videos

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Here are 3 of my favourite decision making videos – 2 from Ted, and a Stanford Uni one. Plus a 5 minute talk by myself at Ignite Sydney (like TED but only 5 minute presentations).

One of my favourite decision experts, and author of predictably irrational, Dan Ariely’s amazing TEDx video packed with fascinating examples and stories (20 mins)



Here’s Stanford Uni’s Baba Shiv’s 4 minute video on how to make better decisions, and how chemicals in your brain affect the way you make decisions (5 mins)



This is my 5 minute Ignite Sydney video of my talk on the 4 villains of decision-making, focused on marketing & how people pick ideas. Featuring Chairman Mao, Kim Il Jong, the Devil’s advocate…and Carol Beer. (5 mins)



Dan Gilbert’s excellent TED talk on decisions and happiness and why we aren’t always brilliant at choosing the things that make us happy (30mins)



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