4 insightful videos on happiness

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There are a lot of surprising facts around happiness, as I wrote previouslyI’ve curated 4 of my favourite TED videos on happiness below.

Daniel Kahneman, one of the heroes of decision-making research, talks about the conflict between two types of happiness, experienced vs remembered.


Additionally, I highly recommend you get Daniel Kahneman’s excellent book, Thinking Fast and Slow and make it through (or skip to) the last chapter called Two Selves for more on his mind-altering view on happiness – that our experiencing self and remembering self conflict on what makes us happy.

Malcolm Gladwell’s talk on happiness, choice and what we can learn from spaghetti sauce is his best in my opinion, far better than his David and Goliath one:


Dan Gilbert and the surprising science of happiness:


Lastly, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi explains the concept of Flow, which he pioneered. The idea is that when you are absorbed in a task which you enjoy, are mastering slowly, and get feedback on, then you are in a state of hyper concentration called flow which is a big contributor to happiness. The talk starts slow, but the concept of Flow is worth knowing about.


Posted by Rob Pyne