7 Magnificent TED talks on happiness

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7 Magnificent TED talks on happiness

There are 63 TED talks on happiness. Here are 7 of my recomendations. Put down what you’re doing, take your pick and get inspired!

Dan Gilbert tackles the vexing problem of why we humans aren’t very good at predicting what makes us happy and so spend way too much time checking email, buying material goods and loads of other things we think will make is happy but don’t.

Shawn Anchor’s amusing tour through happiness, positive psychology and work reveals that you can rewire your brain to take a more positive outlook by practicing his gratitude technique for 2 minutes a day for 3 weeks.

Matt Killingsworth studies the relationship between being in the moment and being happy. He’s found that our minds are not on what we’re doing 47% of the time, and there is strong causal effect between your mind wandering and NOT being happy.

Robert Walldinger reports on a 75 year longitudinal study of American men which reveals that loneliness and isolation lead to lower happiness, lower life expectancy and worse health. Social connections are a primary predictor of happiness.

David Steindl Rast gives us a monk’s perspective on the importance of gratitude. We know from research that gratitude increases happiness, and it’s good to see a monk’s real life take too.

Michael Norton shows his work on what to do with your money. You’ll be happier if you spend it on other people, or experiences compared to spending it on yourself, or material goods. So, take someone special on a skydive tomorrow!

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi is the world expert on “Flow” and how being absorbed in mastering a task produces great happiness. So why not make sure you get uninterrupted time to spend on what’s great work to you.