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The why, what and who of Realizer.

Why we exist: a bit of Realizer’s history

Rob Pyne: One day in February 2013, I found myself on the prow of the Manly ferry lost in thought about how I could leave my career in advertising and do something which helped people a little more – but still paid a Sydney-sized mortgage. Suddenly, I thought back to my Psychology degree. I had specialized in Decision-Making. At that instant, I realized that although more data and information were available than ever before, humans didn’t seem to be any better at making decisions. Example after example of strange decisions made by my colleagues and myself came to mind. Couldn’t people learn to improve their decision-making? So, on the front of the Manly ferry, a company called X or Y was born and for the next 3 years we built a range of ways of helping people make better decisions; from coaching to training.

Training people in decision-making was a real niche, so we’d also get asked to help teams on other topics: negotiations, management, problem-solving, team building and more. Eventually, around 50% of what we did was about helping people make better decisions and 50% was broader. In 2017 we renamed the company Realizer with a focus on using psychological insights to help people make change happen.

What remains central to us is our passion is for helping people think clearly, make good choices and be the best version of themselves.

We exist to help the world make better decisions.

What we do

Whilst you can see our standard training courses and services by clicking on the tabs on the menu bar, we see ourselves as problem solvers. We like to listen carefully to our clients and tailor solutions that meet their needs.

We like to partner with clients on a long term basis to help their teams embed the training into real life and to track the effectiveness of our work.

Our top 3 most popular courses are on Decision-Making, Management and Productivity.

For more information on what we do, see our Courses, Services, Case Studies, or see us In Action.

What we believe

“Don’t believe everything you think”

Across two decades of study and work in Psychology, Advertising and Learning & Development, we’ve learnt that we humans don’t always understand ourselves, or each other, as well as we think we do.

Luckily for us, over the last 40 years scientists like Kahneman, Thaler and Ariely in the areas of Psychology and Behavioural Economics (amongst others) have shed light on how we really think and what you can do about it to make better decisions.

Our work takes these scientific insights and turns them into practical, easy-to-use tools for organisations and individuals.

In addition, we know that most of the behaviours that each of us exhibit at work are habitual. So we do a lot of work in behaviour change, habit formation and cultural change to help our clients translate these tools and ideas into real meaningful and valuable progress.

Our core beliefs:

  • We believe in a growth mindset. Adult brains can change.
  • We believe everyone knows what their ideal self is. But we don’t always live up to our ideals.
  • We believe that much of people’s behaviour is influenced by their environment and context.
  • We believe that scientific methods and scientific insights can help each of us achieve our potential.

Our core values spell SEEP and they seep into everything we do:

  • Surprisingly insightful
  • Energetic and inspiring
  • Empathetic
  • Practical and relevant

Who we are

Rob Pyne Realizer

Rob Pyne



Rob has 17 years experience in Management, Leadership and Strategy. He holds a degree in Psychology.
Michelle Pit Realizer

Michelle Pitt


Strategic selling

Michelle is ex Digital media specialist in Mediacom, UM and Fairfax.

Our clients include

3P Learning, ABC, Adshel, AFL, Allure Media, AOL, ARN, Atkinson Vinden, the Australian, Barnardos, BBC, CanToo, Conscious Capitalism, Coraggio, Dentsu Aegis, eBay Advertising, Fairfax, FutureBrand, Heart Research Australia, Hoyts, M2M, Mamamia, The Media Federation of Australia, MKTG, Newscorp, NewsmediaWorks, NSW Government, Nunn media, Performics, Publicis Media, redkite, Starcom, Stile education, The Executive Connection (TEC), UNSW, Val Morgan, We Are Social, Yahoo!7, Zenith.

We work across corporate, not for profit and government. Many of our clients are in the media and marketing sector, and we are expanding out into sectors such as Law, Government, Entertainment, Sport.