By George, I don’t like my name

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Yesterday I wrote about how to choose a baby name. And this morning Kate and Will named their little man George. So I thought I’d let you know some stats on the baby name George.

Most importantly, only 64% of people called George would recommend parents call their children George. That’s quite low say compared to Daniel where it’s 77% positive, or Henry with 72% positive.

More in George’s favour is that pronunciation comes easily with 88% of Georges claiming it never gets mispronounced. But a surprising 45% of Georges say their name sometimes or often gets misspelt.

60% say George was a name that caused them to be teased or bullied with common nicknames being George of the Jungle, Georgie Porgie and Curious George. So, George Windsor, prepare for some bullying and teasing (I can imagine the media doing this once George hits his teens).

All of this data is courtesy of a survey that babynamesworld do. Using this data is a great example of a decision-making technique called “zooming out” which means finding the data about the situation. For example if you had a medical condition where an operation was a risky option, you might want to “zoom out” to see the success rate for the operation, and then you might want to “zoom in” by finding someone who’d had the operation and finding out their views.

Posted by Rob Pyne