5 E’s make better meetings

It’s likely that you spend between 10-50% of your working life in meetings. That’s up to 1,000 hours a year. And yet, it’s just as likely that you’d say the meetings you have aren’t as effective [...]

TEDX Sydney 2016 review – 3 key themes

I cried at a story of a mother’s dying child. I laughed at the idea of a moth cinema. I helped break the world record for the most people playing the spoons simultaneously. Where else but TEDX [...]

Unlocking Ernie – How to collaborate

There’s one management challenge I keep seeing crop up across multiple clients. It’s that, these days, management isn’t just about having direct reports; it’s about rapidly forming collaborations [...]

3 experiences outside my comfort zone.

In the space of 13 days in June, I lined up three public speaking events which pushed me outside my comfort zone. And I learned a huge amount on the journey – about fire fighters, team [...]

Why we love the GROW method of coaching

The GROW method of coaching is one we at X or Y have been using since the start. Not only do we use it when coaching people ourselves, but we’ve also been lucky enough to train more than 50 [...]

Feedback is a GIFT

Feedback is a GIFT – a tale of two halves. At the end of last year, we here at Realizer ran a leadership retreat for a group of 9 in a mid-sized technology company. During the retreat, a [...]