How to pick the criteria for a decision?

4 years ago I launched a business to help people make better decisions. Last week we stopped to take stock. What have we done that’s worked? What really helps people make better decisions? [...]

4 aha! moments from 2016

One of the huge-but-unexpected bonuses of training and coaching other people is that you learn so much yourself in the process. Here are some aha! moments from 2016 that I wanted to share with [...]

3 experiences outside my comfort zone.

In the space of 13 days in June, I lined up three public speaking events which pushed me outside my comfort zone. And I learned a huge amount on the journey – about fire fighters, team [...]

7 surprising things that make us happy

I recently discovered the World Database of Happiness, and the Journal of Happiness Studies. Who knew there were so many people in white coats prodding people and asking them how happy they are [...]