Why we love the GROW method of coaching

The GROW method of coaching is one we at X or Y have been using since the start. Not only do we use it when coaching people ourselves, but we’ve also been lucky enough to train more than 50 [...]

Feedback is a GIFT

Feedback is a GIFT – a tale of two halves. At the end of last year, we here at Realizer ran a leadership retreat for a group of 9 in a mid-sized technology company. During the retreat, a [...]

24 proven ways to manage change

24 proven ways to manage change Managing change used to be an occasional need, focused on a particular strategy or project. But these days, we know change is the only constant. That means that [...]

CEO Reading: strategy is useless

Strategy is useless OK, maybe not useless – but it is vastly over rated. Here’s why and what you can do about it. Last year I was fortunate to hear a short talk by digital investor [...]