How to make charity decisions

There are 40,000 registered charities in Australia. As we approach the end of the tax year and one of the busiest times for getting your donations in before June 30, how on earth should you pick [...]

TEDX Sydney 2016 review – 3 key themes

I cried at a story of a mother’s dying child. I laughed at the idea of a moth cinema. I helped break the world record for the most people playing the spoons simultaneously. Where else but TEDX [...]

FIA Conference – Links

For those who attended my presentation today at the Fundraising Institute of Australia (FIA) conference, here are the links to the research used in the talk. Feel free to use them to help you [...]

Nudge theory and not-for-profits

In Stockholm, they have a very interesting approach to getting drivers to slow down. It’s called the speed camera lottery and it works like this. Using number plate technology, any drivers who [...]

How much are your values worth?

Funny word, values. On one hand, it’s about the things we hold dearest, and our moral principles. On the other hand it can also have a meaning about money and the value of things. So I was asking [...]

Charities: tough choices

I recently watched an interesting TED talk on redefining altruism. The key point was the sheer insanity of people in developed countries complaining about the economy and their biggest worry is [...]