The Skills of Great Decision-Makers

1 day decision-making training course  |  In house  |  Max 12 people

Learn new decision-making tools while workshopping real decisions.

In this one day decision-making training course, you’ll learn about the psychology of making decisions, where we often make mistakes, and how to do it better.

We cover a 3 step process to improve decision-making for you and your team, and focus on solving real problems and decisions in the session using easy practical tools.

What participants say about Realizer’s decision-making training course

“I think the workshop was a highlight [of my year]…and I see the methods being used every day.” – redkite

“This was the best workshop I have attended in 4 years. Rob is smart, fast and gets people. He motivates with a nice blend of science, psychology and humour. Totally recommend.” – Dentsu Aegis

“Great insights you can apply both personally and professionally.” – FutureBrand

“Constructive process and provokes me with tangible tools to make better decisions more efficiently.” – Val Morgan

“An excellent course, delivered in an engaging way. A brilliant use of a day which will pay for itself in no time.” – OMD

“A fantastic workshop that provided the tools and knowledge to improve decision-making.” – redkite

Course description

  • Course rating: Average 8.93/10
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Number of people: Up to 12

Our content is based on the psychology of decision-making – our 3 step framework shows you how to best use your brain to make great decisions.

In the lead up to the day we ask participants to bring 1-2 real decisions with them. In the training course we typically address and make progress on 5-10 real decisions. That way we create immediate value, as well as long-term learning.

The flow of the 1-day decision-making training course is as follows:

  1. Introduction to the psychology of decision-making. A fascinating tour of the psychological traps and opportunities to best think about crucial decisions.
  2. Decision Styles Questionnaire. Gain awareness of the strengths, weaknesses and blind spots of you and your team. This enables participants to relate the day to their specific needs.
  3. Realizer’s 3 step decision framework. We go through the 3 key steps to making a good decision: Open (define the problem, criteria for success and options); Filter (minimise your biases as you judge the options); and Close (make the decision, plan the knock on consequences and communicate to affected parties).
  4. The 3 steps in action. Taking real, live business issues we apply the framework and proven tools to discover new ways of looking at the issues – on your own and with your team – making sure we cover all our bases to make a confident, effective and aligned decision.
  5. Action plans. We end by using behavioural change models to design your plan for implementing better decision-making tools back in your job.

Who should attend

The training course is relevant to all levels. The benefits will be seen most quickly by those who make high impact decisions already, such as leaders and managers.


  1. Personal effectiveness. Learn how to make better decisions in work and life. Faster, better decisions communicated more effectively, with lower risk and with better outcomes.
    Measure: trainee feedback on the day and 30 days afterwards.
  2. Team effectiveness. Learn to better understand how your team operates, and how to use the diversity of your team to make the best group decisions.
    Measure: trainee feedback on the day and 30 days afterwards.

Price & Inclusions

Prices include tailoring content, facilitation, capturing and reporting results.