The Art and Science

1 day negotiation training course  |  In house  |  Max 12 people

Re-think the way you negotiate.

Negotiating is one of the most challenging tasks we face at work, full of traps for the unwary.

Our negotiation training course will show you how to plan, how to solve and how to close complex negotiations.

What participants say about Realizer’s negotiation training course

“A great day which is very useful for me in my job and also gave me some interesting thoughts to apply to life.” — MEC

“This workshop was fantastic in learning new negotiating tactics and developing working examples.” — PHD

“This is a fantastic course that can help you through all life stages.” — Mamamia Womens Network

“We all had a fantastic time and agreed that it was the most helpful workshop we’ve been to yet for Ngen.” — TMS

“It’s a great training session that brings everything you may have learned about negotiation in your day to day experiences to the forefront in a clear, concise and interesting way.” — Dentsu Aegis

Course description

  • Course rating: Average 8.8/10
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Number of people: Up to 12

Our 1 day negotiations training course runs on the principles of effective learning – prioritising “doing” through role plays, supported by theory and discussion. We build a 3 step framework for negotiation and then invest the majority of time trying each step out and discussing what we learnt. There are 3 major sections:

  • Planning
    What is the benefit of planning, and what are the elements you can plan upfront? We explore how to assess the balance of power, the importance of understanding your needs and the other party’s needs. And we introduce participants to the most powerful tool in negotiations – knowing and growing your BATNA (best alternative to a negotiated agreement).
  • Solving
    We introduce Interest-Based negotiations and contrast them with Position-Based negotiations using a Triangular model of negotiations – you, the other party and the issue. We examine creative approaches to problem solving and issue resolution. And we touch on exactly how to trade concessions.
  • Closing
    It ain’t over til it’s over – so we look at the importance of knowing where you are in the negotiation and whether to walk away, keep trying or take the deal. Plus we look at how to communicate the deal to make sure it gets executed effectively.

Who should attend

Our negotiation training course is aimed at people with some experience of negotiation and aims to help them learn a structured and effective approach to negotiation. For those who’ve done negotiation training before, this offers a refresher as well as original thinking in the area of negotiation psychology and decision-making.


The negotiation training course is designed to achieve the following learning outcomes, using simple-to-apply tools at each stage:

  1. Demonstrate the importance of building a clear understanding of the other party’s needs and feelings through effective questioning and listening.
  2. Equip the trainee with simple tools to help them quickly plan for a negotiation.
  3. Explain the importance of depersonalising negotiations and working together with the other party to creatively solve negotiation sticking points.
  4. Demonstrate the importance of knowing where you are in the negotiation through summarising and checking, and being able to make rapid decisions on when to stop.

Price & Inclusions

Prices include tailoring content, facilitation, capturing and reporting results.