Be Authentic and Engaging

1 day presentation training course  |  In house  |  Max 8 people

Engage, Excite and Persuade your audience.

Presenting is one of the most important ways to build your personal and company brand, it’s one of the key ways we interface with our clients, partners, peers and stakeholders.

In this one day presentation training course, we’ll show you how to perfect your own personal style so you can make more impact.

What participants say about Realizer’s presentation training course

“I came in thinking I wouldn’t learn too much, but I took away far more than I ever imagined!” — MEC

“Great, confronting workshop which lets you step outside your comfort zone, reflect on yourself and improve for the future. Rob creates a great, encouraging environment.” — MEC

“One of the best presentation training courses I have attended. Content was fresh and kept me interested all day.” — Zenith

“I will be walking into my next client presentation with much more confidence and belief in myself.” — Performics

“Amazing day! Super beneficial & has changed how I’ll approach every presentation!” — MEC

Course description

  • Course rating: Average 9.47/10
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Number of people: Up to 8

This is a one-day presentation training course which culminates with participants doing a real presentation to their CEO or senior managers on “what one thing would you change about our company?”

We have participants fill out a survey on their needs and we use this to adjust the focus of the session. We also have them come up with their one idea to change the company in advance.

From A…The first presentation
Within the first 15 minutes of the day we have them make their first presentation, and film themselves. That way they establish a baseline and get immediate feedback.

To B….The final presentation
At the end of the day, we have senior managers join to see the improvements the participants have made. Each has 3 minutes to tell the story of their idea to change the company, using the techniques learnt.

From A to B – the content
To get them ready for the final presentation, we go through the following interactive exercises: the principles of great presentations; story-telling; managing nerves and fear; planning a presentation. We then have them use these skills to plan their presentation, before ending on a high with delivering it.

Who should attend

We have run this training course for everyone from novice presenters to MDs and CEOs – in each case we tailor the content to the level of participants by getting the group to fill in a pre-course survey.


Our presentation training course is designed to achieve the following learning outcomes, using simple-to-apply tools at each stage:

  1. Use and adopt a presentation planning method to focus on the audience and the key messages
  2. Learn practical tools to manage nerves and project confidence
  3. Find your best personal approach to tell stories and engage the audience

Price & Inclusions

Prices include tailoring content, facilitation, capturing and reporting results.