Problem Solving

Be a Black-Belt Problem Solver

1 day Problem Solving training course  |  In house  |  Max 12 people

Learn new critical thinking and problem solving tools and apply them to solve your real problems

In this workshop, you’ll learn the key skills and top tricks to be a great problem-solver. From redefining the problem, to creative thinking about solutions, and selling your ideas internally, we’ve got problem-solving covered.

What others have been saying

“Rob has great insight into real problems faced by agencies in the market and techniques to combat this.”

“Another great training session learning new skills to identify problems and how to solve them.”

“Interactive and enjoyable. Great techniques.”

“Great real world training to prepare yourself for everyday in the office!”

“I came away with a greater understanding of how to solve problems and how to use those methods at work.”

Course description

  • Course rating: 91%
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Number of people: Up to 12

This workshop covers the following topics in an action packed, interactive format: –

  1. The value of being a great problem solver: how it helps you and your organization to flourish
  2. The skills of problem solvers: from IQ to EQ
  3. A problem well-defined is a problem half solved: techniques to define, reframe and clarify problems and opportunities
  4. Deliberately Thinking Differently: Collaborative problem solving using creative thinking.
  5. Managing Up: how to get your ideas and solutions accepted in the organization by successfully influencing stakeholders.

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Who should attend

The workshop is relevant to all levels. It is often focused on employees with 0-8 years’ experience to help them be proactive in solving problems.


Participants will see the following outcomes and benefits which they can immediately apply to their work:

  1. Understand how to see problems and opportunities clearly, and separate surface symptoms from root causes
  2. Learn and apply new creative thinking tools to develop solutions
  3. Learn key strategies to manage up and influence effectively

Price & Inclusions

Prices include tailoring content, facilitation, capturing and reporting results.