Be More Productive and Less Busy

1 day productivity training course  |  In house  |  Max 10 people

Do More Great Work. Be Less Stressed.

Our productivity training course has been designed specifically to take the latest psychological research and turn it into tools for you to be more productive.

We’ll show you how to Get Organised, Prioritise and Do More Great Work.

What participants say about Realizer’s presentation training course

“The Be More Productive course is a very well structured and highly actionable course that should be undertaken by any company interested in getting more from their staff and delivering more to their customers.” — Nunn Media

“This workshop was great. I will think very differently about productivity and how to implement it now.” — PHD

“Made me think holistically and differently about the concept of productivity.” — FutureBrand

“The productivity section changed my life.” — Mindshare

“Really actionable ideas and thought provoking concepts. Highly recommended.” — M2M

Course description

  • Course rating: Average 8.70/10
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Number of people: Up to 10

Our content is based on the psychology of productivity. We’ll show you a framework to Get Organised, Prioritise and Do More Great Work.

The flow of the 1-day productivity training course is as follows:

In the first half of the workshop we focus on ‘Thinking Productively’. We are tasked with opening the participants’ eyes to the surprising psychology of productivity, and showing them how it can help them.

  • Focus on what is “Great Work” to you – identify when you are most productive, impactful and engaged.
  • Understand the psychological traps that stop you being productive: why you aren’t as in control as you think; why we should manage attention not time; the traps in multi-tasking, email, calendars and to do lists.
  • Overview the psychological tricks to gain control: shape your environment; get in flow; minimise distractions; manage information; use contexts; boost your willpower.
  • Results of the pre-course survey so you can tailor your personal plan to you.

For the second half of the workshop we teach participants to ‘Act Productively’. We are tasked with creating a productivity tool kit for each participant which will enable them to act more productively.

  • Personal productivity. Develop your own foolproof system & toolkit which works with your natural style, strengths and weaknesses to control your environment, manage your attention and keep you focused on doing great work.
  • Action plan: Optimal Productivity plan. Working with the psychology of behaviour change, we help you develop a productivity plan which has the highest chance of success – we make it hard for you to fail and easy for you to succeed.

Who should attend

The training course is relevant to all levels. The benefits will be seen most quickly by those who are interested in tools and systems to help them do more great work.


  1. Understand the purpose of your role and what great work looks like – and spend more of your time, attention and energy on great work.
  2. Understand how your environment distracts you, and apply tools and techniques to increase your attention and spend more time in your productive “flow” zone.
  3. Manage incoming information and tasks so that you can capture them, prioritize them and not have to worry about what you should be doing

Price & Inclusions

Prices include tailoring content, facilitation, capturing and reporting results.