Favourite books and podcasts of the year

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It’s been a great year to be into books, audiobooks and podcasts. Here are 5 of the ones that struck a chord with us.

Non-fiction: Homo Deus
A follow up to his best seller Sapiens, this time Yuval Harari takes us into a potential future where the nature of what it means to be a human will change. Based on evidence and trends, taking them to a scary place. Very thought provoking.

Fiction: All the light we cannot see.
Stunning piece of fiction, one of the highlights of my year! Audiobook available on iTunes, Audible etc.

Business: The one thing to win at the game of business.
A little known book describing an approach to entrepreneurship that starts with one key skill: decision-making. Written by Sydney based entrepreneur Creel Price.

Business book: Do More Great Work.
A simple interactive book which will get you really thinking about what you do every day – and how much of it is Great Work.

Podcast: Freakonomics episode on storytelling
This episode focuses on why stories light up more of your brain than any other way of presenting information. Essential to any good presenter or sales person.