Fearless, Focused and Fired Up.

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Photo credit: Benjamin Davies

Last week an interviewer asked me to describe my journey over the last eight years – from
going solo to building a business and writing a book.

It got me thinking.

When we start a new venture, I reckon there are three phases we need to break through.
Do these resonate with you and your journey?


At the start of any venture, your major obstacle to getting off the ground is your own fear.
Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of fear itself.

My favourite tip to overcome fear is to do a “pre-mortem” – imagine it’s now a year in the
future and the project has been a massive failure, and work out why it failed. Imagine the
worst thing that can happen, and the fear can disappear – “if that’s the worst that can
happen, then I’m still up for it”.


When you’re fearless, you’ve got hustle, you get s*!t done, you seize the opportunities that
come your way. But the risk is that you lose focus. It happened to me. My business became
unfocused, and it hit a ceiling that I couldn’t get beyond.

Covid-19 provided the solution. My business was smashed from March to June 2020. Pruned
right back. But this gave me the chance to rebuild it and work out which branches of my
‘tree’ to invest in. The tree grew back in better shape than pre-covid. I gained focus.

Fired up

Once you’ve got focus, you may find you get some momentum. Your motivation levels ramp
up a couple of notches again. You grab the bull by the horns and start charging. You break
through to the next level.

So…are you Fearless, focused AND fired up

At the intersection of ‘fearless, focused and fired up’ great things happen. You’ve got the
mindset, you’ve got the discipline, and you have the energy.
Have you got all three going on?