90% of people rate our courses 8 out of 10 or higher

Measuring the results of training is crucial to keep improving outcomes, content and the experience for participants.

We use Kirkpatrick’s 4 levels of learning evaluation which helps us focus on these key questions:-

  • How did participants rate the experience on the day?
  • What did they learn on the day?
  • Did behaviour change in the period following training?
  • Did the individual and organization benefit from this behaviour change?

To measure these 4 levels, we use a variety of tools ranging from feedback forms at the end of the course, right through to before and after measurement of key behaviours.

Below you’ll find some of our key yardsticks for measuring the results of our work.

Across all our courses, we can see that 90% of people rate them 8,9 or 10 out of 10.

In addition, 92% of people who responded to a survey 30 days post-course said they had made lasting behavioral change.

Our most recent case studies have tracked specific behavioural changes in productivity by comparing pre and post course behavioural data and we’ve seen results such as:

  • Participants gained between 50 minutes to 1 hour a a day extra to work on their most important work
  • They were 27% more likely to agree that they “regularly reflect on their current to do list and whether it’s helping them to progress their long term goals”
  • They were 14% more likely to “assess incoming information and decide whether it required action.”

You can see more about our results on our case studies and testimonials pages.