Business Coaching

Having a business coach is one of the most powerful ways of improving your performance.

Make great decisions

“Great decision-making processes were a predictive indicator of every other success metric – from profit to staff engagement – in businesses we studied” – Bain

Realizer’s Rob Pyne offers coaching for leaders. Typically running monthly 1.5-2 hour coaching sessions, Rob will challenge you to improve your decision-making by walking you through best practice and coaching you through your major decisions.

Having a business coach is one of the most powerful ways of improving your performance – after all there’s a reason top sports players have coaches – to build their self awareness, keep them on track and moving towards their goals.

Rob has successfully coached dozens of people ranging from middle management up to managing partner and business owner.


  • Work on the decisions that are most important to you right now
  • Learn powerful tools to instantly improve your decisions
  • Be challenged to make brave and confident decisions
  • Make sure that decisions get implemented effectively


  • How to decide which person to hire as General Manager?
  • Whether to sell a business and if so, at what price and who to?
  • How to build your personal values and vision into the way you do business
  • Making sure you have enough options on the table, and are viewing them objectively

How it works

  • We come to you, or we can meet offsite
  • Sessions are booked in packs of 5 to ensure continuity
  • Goals are agreed up front, progress is tracked – you commit to what you think is achievable and then I hold you accountable
  • You spend time talking about what’s important to you today