Facilitating & Team Building

Helping Leadership Teams build Trust, Effectiveness and Intelligence

Facilitating Team Events

We are experts in running team events including with a specific focus on Leadership Offsites and Strategy Planning Days. Realizer’s Rob Pyne facilitates high quality conversations, helping teams lay the foundation of trust, and then develop their growth strategies.


We build trust within teams by surfacing the key issues and getting everyone to have their say on them. One way we do this is by having each member of the team complete a survey on the team’s performance and working style, and then having everyone look at and discuss the results together.

effective delivery

Leadership Teams are good at meeting and committing to specific actions and SMART goals. But what happens when they get back to their desks and get busy? Do the leadership team’s strategic initiatives slow down? When the ground shifts, do plans get abandoned, half-finished? If so, you might want to change the way your leadership team view themselves. Are they a core part of the leadership function? Or are they just a functional lead? Do they own the strategy? Can they adapt the plans, but stay true to the strategy?


In your leadership team you have a group of very smart individuals. But are you consistently able to develop ideas and strategies which come from the best combined intelligence of everyone in the room? Do you leave leadership team meetings inspired, saying “wow, I never would have thought of that on my own”? We facilitate the kind of conversations which surface the collective intelligence of the team.

“Our firm culture is simply fantastic, so pleased with how we are progressing, and we continue to implement new elements from what came up over the retreat.”
Managing Partner of a law firm
“It was a great day and the feedback from the team since has been really positive.”
Division Head at a major sporting organisation
“Rob’s unique techniques got to the heart of the problem.”
Team Leader at Advertising Agency

The benefits

Having an external facilitator makes a difference:

  • Your team session makes more progress, more quickly towards your goals.
  • There is wider buy-in as everyone feels their voice was heard.
  • Any existing politics or relationship issues within the team can be overcome.
  • The leader can be 100% involved instead of trying to facilitate.