Keynotes and conferences, corporate talks and not-for-profit talks.

Keynotes & Conferences

Rob is an experienced conference speaker and is increasingly in demand for his expertise on decision-making, leadership and team-building. Rob has spoken at events such as Agile Australia, Ignite Sydney, Media Federation 5+, The Newspaper Works’ Future Forum and Johnson & Johnson’s Knowledge Exchange.

Corporate Talks

Rob is regularly invited to give talks at some of Australia’s biggest and most progressive companies, to educate their leaders and teams on how to make better decisions in work and life. These include companies like the ABC, BBC, Johnson & Johnson, Newscorp, RGA, Futurebrand & Adshel.

Not for Profit

Rob’s not-for-profit talks focus on decision-making within the organisation, as well as how potential donors make decisions based on behavioural psychology. Rob’s work with not-for-profits encompasses organisations such as the Fundraising institute of Australia, Beaumont consulting and Can Too.

Media Federation keynote: The Psychology of Teams
“Rob presented to 300 upcoming professionals with 5-10 years experience in advertising, sharing insights into management, motivation and team-building. The session received an impressive average feedback score of 8.7 out of 10.”
Fundraising Institute of Australia: How do people make charity decisions?
“Rob presented to a packed house of 120 at the 2014 conference. The average feedback score from delegates was a high 4.9 out of 5.”
Mumbrella360: Dumb Ways to Decide
“Rob spoke on marketing disasters and how to avoid them by improving the way you make decisions.”
“Loved your presentation. Thought your talk was the best today… Makes you think. Pre-mortem technique was great.”
“Feeling armed to make better decisions and give the next idea a “pre-mortem” analysis. Insightful.”