The end of an era: X or Y name to retire

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In February 2013, I came up with the name X or Y to represent a business with a purpose: to help the world make better decisions.

Over that 4 years we trialled, tested and refined innovative ways of helping people make better decisions, reaching a milestone recently when we ran a full day decision-making workshop and every single person in the room rated it full marks, 10/10.

As well, we were asked by clients to train other related topics: management, negotiations, creative thinking, to name 3. Plus we set out in 2016 to develop a workshop on Productivity which has been hugely successful with great results for clients.

And that means that the name X or Y no longer fits the business. So early in 2017 we’ll be relaunching with a new brand name, and a refined product offer. We’ll be focusing on three key topics: Decision-Making, Management and Productivity. We’ll still offer our amazing courses in other areas, but we want to be best known for our insightful, inspiring and actionable work on those three.

Because we are so passionate on helping people have aha! moments, and because we are so obsessed with turning training into tangible progress, we’ve renamed the business Realizer.

Realizer means to have an aha moment. And it means to make something happen.

And our new tagline is Insights Inspiring Action.