Why we love the GROW method of coaching

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The GROW method of coaching is one we at X or Y have been using since the start. Not only do we use it when coaching people ourselves, but we’ve also been lucky enough to train more than 50 managers to coach their teams. Why does it work so well?

We’ve adapted it to specifically focus on decision-making by including specific ways of setting up the real decision, questioning assumptions, generating options  and closing the decision. They fit neatly in the Goals, Reality, Options and Way forward sections respectively. You can see how coaching could work in decision-making by reading this companion blog on the 10 questions leaders should ask their teams at decision time.

What we love most though, is the ability to engage other managers to learn and try coaching. We believe it to be a vital skill for great managers. And the GROW model is relatively easy to teach because it’s easy to remember, and – with a bit of practice – easy to get started and have a crack at.

You could even teach yourself the GROW method – check out this 4 minute video as a good starter.


Once you understand the basic benefits of coaching, and the 4 steps involved in the GROW model, here are a few more of my favourite tips.

  1. You have to create a shared understanding of the problem with the coachee, you need to try and see things from their perspective, not to try and coach them until they agree with you
  2. You need to go in with the right mindset that will trigger good coaching behaviours in you, the coach. For me, one word works well: curious.
  3. Be realistic, you can’t just ask questions, that becomes an interrogation. At certain times, after you’ve probed on a topic, it’s OK to seek permission to offer an idea. But don’t do this too quickly.

Written by Rob Pyne