Business is no longer about what you do. It’s about how you think.

Our training courses focus on Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication and Collaboration.


These are the 4C’s which will help your organisation become famous for how you think.

We create learning experiences packed with insights. It’s these “lightbulb moments” which inspire action.

Realizer’s training powers long-term development of the 4C skills

Critical Thinking

Be famous for how you think and solve problems.

Critical thinking is a key skill for 21st Century jobs. Yet we didn’t get taught it at school. Our training focuses on decision-making, problem-solving and productivity. All of which can help you make the big decisions about next year and make good choices about what to do today.


Learn how you can Deliberately Think Differently.

Are you creative? Can you learn it? The answers are yes and yes. Our creativity training explores the psychology of creativity to unlock a simple framework to be more creative in team brainstorms and on your own when solving problems. We call our approach Deliberately Thinking Differently.


From listening to storytelling and everything in between.

Communication is all about understanding others’ perspectives and adjusting your communication accordingly. Our workshops explore the hidden traps and tips in communication. We deliver training on presentation skills, as well as bespoke workshops on storytelling and feedback.


Surprising insights and practical tools for working together.

Our work focuses on both team-building as well as inter-team collaboration. Collaboration sounds easy. Our organisations and clients expect it. But we often get it wrong. We look at the surprising psychology of collaboration and tailor tools and solutions based on the needs of your group.

We also run strategic selling, management & negotiations training. We facilitate off-sites and speak at conferences.

Insights inspiring action

What sets us apart? Our content is based on the latest psychological research, and delivered by facilitators with 10+ years industry experience.

Obsessed by results.

Over 60% of attendees rate our sessions 9 or 10 out of 10. And we measure results 30 days post workshop to prove the real business impact.

Psychology based.

We use the latest psychological research and innovative content to build impactful and memorable learning experiences.

Industry experience.

Our trainers and facilitators have extensive corporate experience up to C-level. That means we focus on practical real-world solutions.

Real, live business issues.

Our training sessions prioritise working on real world issues, not hypothetical case studies – allowing participants to make real progress while discovering new ways of thinking.

We work with some of Australia’s most progressive companies

What we believe

We believe that insights from the fields of psychology and behavioural economics can deliver a deeper understanding of how we humans really think and why we behave the way we do.

We believe this research can be translated into practical tools for people to use to make better decisions, be a better manager or be more productive.

We believe that trainers need to understand your organisation and your people and partner with you to tailor courses and track the impact after the course.


We carefully track feedback from our clients and from training participants.
More than 90% give our workshops a 8, 9 or 10 out of 10. Read more…

  • Productivity "Really actionable ideas and thought provoking concepts. Highly recommended." - M2M

  • Creativity "An enlightening session. Robs theories for 'deliberately thinking differently' will definitely help me to improve the creative ideas I come up with and execute." - Fairfax

  • Negotiations "It’s a great training session that brings everything you may have learned about negotiation in your day to day experiences to the forefront in a clear, concise and interesting way." - Dentsu Aegis

  • Strategic Selling "Rob is a thought leader in strategy and it's a great opportunity to dissect the market and brief, and better understand how to be a top sales person." - Mamamia Women's Network

  • Speaking "The presentation was very insightful and provided a great deal to consider both personally and professionally.  Back at work today, the team have openly discussed 'Poking Your Bubble.'  A great concept to challenge our current thinking.” - Debbie McKenzie, Bauer Media

  • Presentations "One of the best presentation training courses I have attended. Content was fresh and kept me interested all day." - Zenith

  • Decision-Making Training "This was the best workshop I have attended in 4 years. Rob is smart, fast and gets people. He motivates with a nice blend of science, psychology and humour. Totally recommend." - Dentsu Aegis

  • Management “It was the best training I have received to date and everything I will be able to use in real life and put into practice.” - Maxus