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Presenting is one of the most important ways to build your personal and company brand. It’s one of the key ways we interface with our clients, partners, peers and stakeholders.


Some presenters are able to create excitement, energy and action. Other presenters struggle to keep us from falling asleep.

So, what are the keys to great presentations? 

About the Program

In this workshop, led by a highly-experienced Marketing / Media professional (turned trainer), we look at the psychology of presentations: how does the audience experience your presentation? How can you maximize their engagement, and your influence, by understanding how to connect with their left and right brain? We call this Wholebrain presenting. This science-backed framework allows us to help you build the tools to present powerfully. 

How it works


We have participants fill out a survey on their needs and we use this to adjust the focus of the session. We also have them come up with their one idea to change the company in advance.


From A…The first presentation

Within the first 15 minutes of the day we have them make their first presentation, and film themselves. That way they establish a baseline and get immediate feedback.

To B….The final presentation

At the end of the day, we have senior managers join to see the improvements the participants have made. Each has 3 minutes to tell the story of their idea to change the company, using the techniques learnt.


From A to B – the content

To get them ready for the final presentation, we go through the following interactive exercises: the principles of great presentations; story-telling; managing nerves and fear; planning a presentation. We then have them use these skills to plan their presentation, before ending on a high with delivering it.

5 Reasons why it works

  1. Practise makes perfect. Practise live presentations at least twice, including presenting to your senior management to replicate high stakes environment

  2. Wholebrain framework. We use a simple framework, Wholebrain Presenting, which allows participants to contextualize and prioritise dozens of ideas and tips to be a better presenter

  3. Implementation support. At the end of the program, we work through an implementation plan for them to make improvements and get feedback from people who see them present

  4. Tools and reminders. We include online access to all our presentation planning tools and frameworks after the course. Plus we send video reminders after the program to reinforce the key messages.

  5. 360 pre and post reviews. We can include pre and post 360 reviews of each participants presentation skills to help them prioritise their areas to address, and so you can see the changes from pre to post

Download the Program Brochure Here

For more questions about the program

Michelle Pitt

on Presentations

Michelle is an experienced trainer who specializes in communications training. With a background in marketing and media, and then 7 years as a trainer, Michelle has delivered high stakes presentations, as well as trained thousands of presenters. Michelle's style is warm and approachable, and she delivers with a depth of knowledge of how to make great presentations, as well as how to people can learn and improve their own presentation skills.

Clients and Testimonials

“Great, confronting workshop which lets you step outside your comfort zone, reflect on yourself and improve for the future. Rob creates a great, encouraging environment”


“One of the best presentation training courses I have attended. Content was fresh and kept me interested all day”.


“This workshop gets into the depths of actual delivery, the things you say and how you say it. Providing you with the confidence to tell your story and build your personal brand to leave a lasting impression”. 


“It can be very scary presenting in front of colleagues, however the feedback you get is amazing & you really do learn so much and come away a better presenter”


“Michelle is an amazing trainer. She related the techniques back to our everyday work, especially in the context of media agencies. Everyone was engaged and we all learnt a lot. Thanks!”


“I came in thinking I wouldn't learn too much, but I took away far more than I ever imagined!”


We conduct a pre-workshop survey to tailor content to your needs. A typical workshop would focus on 4 core skills:

  1. Keep your audience engaged from start to finish

  2. Build trust and credibility and get the result you want

  3. Quickly plan and build compelling presentations through the use of narrative structure

  4. Identify and overcome nerves and bad habits

The program includes the optional extra of 360 reviews of each participant's presentation strengths before and after the program. We find this has many benefits, including self awareness for participants, proof that the training works for the HR manager, and the ability to tailor the course based on the 36o feedback themes.

Face to Face / Online

8 people

1 Day or Multiple Short Sessions

Presentation Training

We focus on how you can change minds with your presentations.

Face to Face / Online

1 Day or Multiple Shorter Sessions

8 people

We focus on how you can change minds with your presentations.

Presentation Training

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