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Selling solutions to clients’ marketing challenges is tough. These days, clients and customers expect salespeople need to be trustworthy, personable problem solvers. But increasingly they also expect them to be strategic – to understand the client’s brand and category and to make recommendations which build on their marketing strategy.

Sales teams face some of these challenges:

  • Client briefs are either non-existent (you have to do the brief for them) or confusing (they have multiple competing objectives).

  • Your salespeople work across multiple industry verticals, and have dozens of products to sell, making it hard for them to understand the client and sell the right solution.

  • Buyers under 30 don’t ever answer the phone, so relationships are limited to email and WhatsApp; your team have lost the skills and opportunity to ask good questions to get better information.

We’ll help you be the sales team who get strategy

How the program works

Our programs target and improve your team’s strategic selling skills, and they include implementation support to make sure training translates to real world impact. A typical program
would involve a series of 30-day ‘sprints’ to tackle the core high value behaviours you want the whole team to consistently apply.


We help you identify and prioritise key behaviours to train. We can do this ‘bottom-up’ using a diagnostic survey of the whole sales team, supported by a ‘top-down’ sales leaders' workshop to make sure training needs align with the commercial strategy moving forward.

Sprints: Face to face or online training

Our recommendation is to focus the sales team on improving one behaviour for a 30-day period. A training workshop kicks off the 30-day sprint. Each 2-4 hr workshop trains your sales team on one of the high priority skills, such as proposal writing, questioning, negotiation, presenting. Plus, we ensure that the unique knowledge of the team is captured and shared. Example: we train people on our approach to questioning, but we make sure their best specific questions are captured and shared.

Sprints: Implementation and Support

After each workshop, we support you through: (1) process improvement (e.g. updating how proposals are written collaboratively), (2) new templates (e.g. new proposal templates) and (3) 1-1 coaching (we’ll coach your team as they use the new template and skills on a live proposal).


We will help you measure the success of each sprint, through tracking pre and post metrics (for example, proposal quality, or proposal win rate).

Download the Program Brochure Here

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Clients and Testimonials

"Rob is a thought leader in strategy and it's a great opportunity to dissect the market and brief,
and better understand how to be a top salesperson."

MamaMia Women's Network

"Very insightful. A truly unique and professional approach to clients and media."

Val Morgan

"Rob & Michelle were energetic, super-informative and experienced trainers who’ll add value to
any sales team"

Val Morgan

"K is helping support my workload, removing obstacles in my path so that I can work more


Realizer has tested and developed a training program based on our Strategic Selling framework. It addresses your sales team challenges and helps salespeople to win more, bigger briefs.

The Strategic Selling Modules

We have created training modules which support the key skills needed to understand and solve
your clients marketing challenges so you can win impress your clients and win the big briefs.

Face to Face / Online

12 people

1 Day or Multiple Short Sessions

Stakeholder Communications Training

Helping technical experts communicate with their stakeholders.

Face to Face / Online

1 Day or Multiple Short Sessions

12 people

Our popular, one-of-a-kind training just for media salespeople.

Strategic Selling Training

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