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Does this sound like you?

Only 28% of managers say their company makes more good decisions than bad – and yet no-one ever gets trained on it. Until now.

This innovative workshop, only at Realizer, takes the latest Nobel-prize winning research into how we make decisions, and turns it into practical tools for you to use when making important decisions at work, and in life. Expect to be amazed, surprised and challenged as we help you change the way you make decisions.

You will use real, live business issues to learn how to make better decisions and walk away with real decisions made as well as new techniques learnt.

The workshop is relevant to all levels. The benefits will be seen most quickly by those who make high impact decisions already, such as leaders and managers.

We’ll help you make better Decisions faster

How the program works

Our content is based on the psychology of decision-making – our 3-step framework shows you how to best use your brain to make great decisions. 


The flow of the 1-day workshop is as follows:

  1. Introduction to the psychology of decision-making. A fascinating tour of the psychological traps and opportunities to best think about crucial decisions.

  2. Decision Styles Questionnaire – gain awareness of the strengths, weaknesses and blind spots of you and your team. This enables participants to relate the day to their specific needs.

  3. Realizer’s 3 step decision framework. We go through the 3 key steps to making a good decision: Open (define the problem, criteria for success and options); Filter (minimize your biases as you judge the options); and Close (make the decision, plan the knock-on consequences and communicate to affected parties).

  4. The 3 steps in action. Taking real, live business issues we apply the framework and proven tools to discover new ways of looking at the issues - on your own and with your team - making sure we cover all our bases to make a confident, effective and aligned decision.

Download the Program Brochure Here

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Clients and Testimonials

“Amazing learning experience. Highly recommended.”

Boss 01

“A really interesting and inspiring session. I am leaving with the tools to start to make changes to
my life.”

Boss 02

“A really useful session to help strip away the complexity of the decision-making process.”

Boss 03

“This workshop was incredibly useful in addressing techniques to enhance the decision-making process. It is engaging and well-paced. I would recommend it for all managers and above.”


“Rob brings an infectious enthusiasm to the decision-making process. Great stuff!”


“An excellent course, delivered in an engaging way. A brilliant use of a day which will pay for itself in no time."


Better decisions

We’ll help you understand your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to making decisions,
how you can improve, and when and how to involve other people.

Practical tools

Decisions don’t have to be complex. We’ll show you a range of tools, tips and hacks which help
to understand the real issue, generate multiple potential solutions and then pick the best way

Face to Face / Online

12 people

1 Day or Multiple Short Sessions

Decision-Making Training

Our signature course to help your team do their best thinking.

Face to Face / Online

1 Day or Multiple Short Sessions

12 people

Our signature course to help your team do their best thinking.

Decision-Making Training

Rob Pyne

on Decision-making

The course is delivered by Rob Pyne, founder of Realizer. Rob is a leadership coach with a background in psychology and a keen interest in how people make decisions. His research and work in this space includes publishing a book on Leadership Teams: Unlock: Leverage the Hidden Intelligence in Your Leadership Team.

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