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On Life And Leadership: Decision Rights For Leadership Teams

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

This month, I have been exploring Decision Rights: Who gets to decide what, and how do they do it?

A highly experienced, global CEO asked me how to maintain decision-making speed as a competitive advantage post-merger. As businesses grow, how do they stay fast?

It turns out that old favourite, the RACI approach isn’t fit-for-purpose anymore.

To get to grips with Decision Rights, I’d like to share with you a brand-new guide: Decision Rights for Leadership Teams.

Here’s an extract from the guide.

Organizations should be designed to make and implement decisions. In reality, the way decisions flow through organizations is often haphazard.

Inconsistent, unclear processes can lead to slow, low quality decisions - and underwhelming business outcomes. A 2019 study revealed that 80% of executives report deficiencies with their organization's decision-making process.

If you work on the “what, how and who” of decision-making – the decision rights & responsibilities – research shows this will support better, faster decisions and lead to demonstrably better business outcomes.

This 7-page guide is an extension of my book Unlock: Leveraging the Hidden Intelligence in Your Leadership Team. Part 3 of the book focused on problem solving and decision-making and the collective intelligence of a team.

The Guide to Decision Rights answers questions like:-

Why do decision rights matter anyway, is it worth paying attention to?

How should decision rights change according to the type of decision you’re making?

Is the RACI model still useful or is there something better?

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